"Asymmetrical lighting helps to avoid eye strain, headaches or musculoskeletal disorders"


The reflections are the enemy N ° 1 of a good visual concentration. They cause eye fatigue, headaches or musculoskeletal disorders due to poor posture in front of the workstation, with consequences that can be disastrous.
 The use of an asymmetric lamp:
UNILUX lamps with asymmetric lighting allow :

To neutralize much of the glare
To considerably increase the illuminated area
To limit the contrasts between the different zones of the visual field

The Color Rendering Index indicates the ability of the light emitted by the source to restore the colored appearance of the illuminated object.
Our lamps all have an IRC higher than 82, when the standard NF EN 12464-1 imposes a minimum of 80.
A lamp produces a certain amount of lighting which is called its luminous flux. It is indicated in lumens (lm). The luminous efficiency is the quotient of the luminous flux and the power consumed, expressed in lumens per watt (lm / W). The greater the luminous efficiency, the better.