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The benefits of light therapy When the days get shorter, especially in late fall and winter, some people experience a lack of light. This translates into intense fatigue, deep sadness, a gloomy mood, a lack of productivity, etc.: we then speak of winter blues or seasonal depression when it occurs successively over several at least 3 years. The Dayvia Slim Style lamp will help you effectively fight against the winter blues by providing you with the light you need, while lastingly resynchronizing your biological clock, but not only... It will also allow you to regain energy and good humor throughout the day, to reset your day/night cycle in order to find better quality sleep, to fight against insomnia, to obtain a sufficient daily dose of light if you live or work in a confined environment, to better cope with a job with odd hours or the time differences imposed by your regular travels. Dayvia, a committed French brand The Dayvia brand is a French brand that is very involved and committed to environmental and societal matters. Favoring French production, Dayvia established its production in Maine et Loire and to go even further, set up a partnership with a suitable company. Made in France and with CE Medical Device certification (CE0459), the entire range of Dayvia light therapy devices will meet your well-being needs. A modern, efficient and compact light therapy lamp The combination of 2 types of innovative white and blue LEDs will provide you with optimal and adjustable quality of light in accordance with the latest light recommendations. It has 3 distinct light modes: Position 1: White light enriched with bluish wavelengths, very effective for your light therapy session. Position 2: Specific blue light, soft and less intense than white light but just as effective for your light therapy sessions. Indeed, our melanopsin ganglion cells (located in the eyes), and whose role is essential in the regulation of our biological clock, are very sensitive and react intensely to blue wavelengths (465 to 485 nm). So monochromatic blue light in this wavelength is just as effective as much more intense white light. You therefore have the choice between two light therapy modes, both very effective and adapted to your preferences. Position 3: Additional lighting light that can be used throughout the day after your light therapy session Morning exposure 30 minutes, ideally just after waking up, is recommended for the greatest number of people but also more particularly for people who are late in their phase (falling asleep too late and difficulty emerging in the morning) and for people preparing 2 to 3 days before a trip to the east (crossing more than 3 time zones), the effects of jet lag (or jet lag) will thus be minimized Light therapy at the end of the day is rather reserved for people working at night, people in early phase (going to bed too early and getting up too early) and people preparing for a trip to the west (crossing more than 3 time zones). schedules) to avoid jet lag syndrome Product specifics: Easy to use: On/Off and 3 light modes with dimmer. No UV emissions – EN62471 photo-biological certification Economical: Consumption of only 25W (innovative LED technology) Consumption/year in kWh for ½ hour of daily use: 4.56kWh or €0.79/year* Proven therapeutic effectiveness – CE Medical Device Marking (CE0459)** Cable 3.64m Very small footprint on a desk or in a small space * Price per kilo watt hour (kwh) EDF Option Base as of 02/02/2023 (including tax): €0.1740 ** CE marking issued by the French notified body attesting to its compliance with directives 93/42/CEE and 2007/47/CEE relating to European medical devices.
Référence : 400149952
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  • Ideal to fight against the decrease of luminosity, often at the origin of the winter blues.
  • Proven therapeutic effectiveness.
  • 3 adjustable intensity levels.
  • Slim: very small footprint on a desk or in a confined space.
  • CE approval Medical and French manufacturing.
  • Guarantee without UV and without photobiological risk.
Color : white
Lifetime in hours (h) : 30000

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