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The combination of 2 types of Osram LEDs will provide you with optimal and adjustable quality of light in accordance with the latest light recommendations. POSITION 1: White light enriched with the most effective blue wavelengths in the “max” position for your light therapy session; the white light becomes warmer (orange-yellow color) when you reduce the intensity for comfortable use as a desk lamp or additional lamp throughout the day after your light therapy session (30 to 60 min per day) . POSITION 2: Specific soft, low intensity blue light, just as effective as intense white light. Indeed, our melanopsin ganglion cells, whose role is essential in regulating our biological clock, are very sensitive to blue wavelengths. Thus, monochromatic blue light can be as effective as much more intense white light. POSITION 3: additional office lighting lamp throughout the day after your light therapy session (30 to 60 min per day).
Référence : 400149954
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  • Ideal to fight against the decrease of luminosity, often at the origin of the winter blues.
  • Proven therapeutic effectiveness.
  • It is orientable thanks to its articulation: either in mode of luminotherapy directed towards the face (intense white or blue light quite as effective) or in mode of office lamp with a softer white light directed towards the working plan after its daily session of luminotherapy.
  • Designed and made with quality materials.
  • CE approval Medical and French manufacturing.
  • Guarantee without UV and without photobiological risk.
Color : black
Lifetime in hours (h) : 30000

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