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Energize your workplace

According to a recent survey we spend nearly 8 hours a day in front of a computer and 87% of employees recognize that they stay away from us for long periods of time. These habits are often harmful and may become discomfort or even pain. For François Carré, one of the main causes of the increase in sedentary lifestyle is THE PROLIFERATION OF SCREENS around us. We move less and less. With today’s technologies, we no longer need to travel for research, order breakfast or mail. It is often enough to turn on a computer screen, pick up the phone It’s as simple as that: we almost do not have to move to live normally. This is especially true as more and more companies start to hire people for teleworking. Some people no longer even need to travel to work. It is for these reasons that it is advisable to change postures during working hours (move from sitting to standing and walking a few minutes).

Health professionals such as Frédéric Dutheil, a recognized specialist in sedentary lifestyle, director of the Center for Occupational Pathologies at the CHU in Clermont-Ferrand, alert us to the evolution of our lifestyles. Physical inactivity and reduced physical activity now pose risks to our health.

It is difficult to spend too long standing hours, so it is advisable to alternate between sitting and standing positions during the day. A first objective would be to spend at least 2H PER DAY IN STANDING POSITION AT WORK, THEN TO TRY TO ACHIEVE AN IDEAL DURATION OF 4H

Occupational medicine recommends that the components of the workplace be adjusted to its own characteristics and that it be designed in such a way as to promote CHANGES IN FREQUENT POSTURE

  • By reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure
  • By reducing the risk of developing certain cancers.
  • By limiting the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • By lowering the risk of osteoporosis
  • By reducing the risk of obesity
  • By limiting musculoskeletal disorders, back pain, neck, shoulder, which are responsible for a large number of work stoppages

The work environment has evolved to become a sedentary facilitator and for this reason UNILUX will offer from 2018 a vision of the workplace active through a range of products that makes the workplace dynamic.

  • ERGODESK: an ergonomic, compact articulated desk, that can be varied in height and can be moved from sitting to standing in few seconds to feel LESS FATIGUE AND MORE CONCENTRATED

  • UPDOWN: a versatile and user-friendly foot rest to used in both sitting and standing avoids muscle and back pain associated with poor posture in oder to RELAX TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE AND INCREASE YOUR INTELLECTUAL PERFORMANCE IN YOUR WORKPLACE.