«We imagine products with functional concepts, ergonomics and harmonious design, that can blend in your environment »


The design of ergonomic workstations saves both productivity for the company and comfort and safety for employees.
That is why UNILUX is considering the improvements that can be made in the workplace. The respect of the principles of visual and postural ergonomics, in the design of UNILUX products allows:

  • To avoid fatigue due to inadequacies
  • To avoid absenteeis
  • To minimize excessive turn-over
  • To reduce the loss of performance
  • To reduce the length of production times
  • To ensure the comfort of the person
  • To avoid fatigue due to inadequacies increase productivity
  • To positively influence the motivation of the person

It is for these reasons that our team of designers and designers of our company imagine products with functional concepts, ergonomics and a harmonious and daring design that can blend into your work environment by guaranteeing all the satisfaction that is due to you

  • The work plan :The feet rest flat on the floor or on a footrest.
  • The angle of the elbow is straight or slightly obtuse. The forearms are close to the body.
  • The hand is in the extension of the forearm.
  • The back is straight or slightly back, and supported by the back
  • The head is straight or slightly leaning forward.
  • The worktop should preferably be pastel and matte in color.
  • If it has two levels, the lowest must be reserved for keyboard and mouse