"We are surrounded by the advice of the Doctor of Labor to offer you a real added value to your well being"


For optimum illumination, it is desirable to maintain an average illumination of 500 Lux, as there is generally a concomitance between on-screen and paper work. The auxiliary lamp provides the required level without over-illumination of the entire office.
However, ¾ of the offices in Europe are poorly illuminated, whereas the occupational health standards NF EN 12464-1 * and NF X35103 ** recommend:

  • 500 Lux on the work surface for reading and writing
  • 300 lux for on-screen work

Lamps are not the only products that meet the recommendations of the Médecine du Travail. The footrests and other accessories are also subject to very strict standards and prevent certain MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) affecting in France 15% of the employees approximately and in particular:

  • back pain (neck pain and low back pain)
  • wrist tendinitis (carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • elbow or shoulder
  • disorders of the blood vessels of the legs

In order to better meet the standards, we have surrounded ourselves with advice from the Médecine du Travail to offer you lamps and office accessories that bring real added value in terms of concentration, well-being, visual rest and Significant and measurable productivity gains.