• Ideal for: In the changing rooms of hairdressing salons, convention centers or theaters, for example, clothes on hangers touch each other closely over a period of time, which can be a concern for both the locker-room owners and their customers.
  • Benefit: Make sure that clothes on hangers do not touch each other.
  • Clever: Width corresponding to the main cupboard depths: 60cm foldable on each side according to a groove allowing to reduce the space requirement to 45cm (depths of the smallest cupboards).
  • Compatible:With a hooking and locking cutout designed from a circle slightly larger in diameter than the largest hooking bars.
  • Total protection: With a total length of 130 cm to separate the longest garments over their entire height.


  • Delivered folded in 3 with an extension inserted by tab + slot, and dimensioned for a good fit to the main part without “bending” between the two parts.
  • Quick hooking system
  • Warranty 2
  • Materials: PP recyclable
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Dimensions indisponibles

SAP no. Color Dimensions cm Warranty Net weight EAN code
400153727 Black 100+30 cm x 60 cm 2 years 0,96 Kg 110cm x 61cmx1,6 cm

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