A design footrest designed for everyday use. Adjustable in tilt. Perfect grip.”


The daily use of the CHRYSALIS footrest avoids muscular pains and dorsal fatigue associated with poor body posture. Its use ensures an ergonomic foundation that promotes blood circulation. Designed in collaboration with Ergonomists and Industrial Medicine.


CHRYSALIS is adjustable in inclination (10 °, 15 °, 20 °) thanks to its removable notched feet. The simple adjustment allows this footrest to adapt to the morphology of its user.

Its tray is equipped with a non-slip support surface that keeps the feet in place naturally. Pads located underneath the structure ensure its stability when placed on the floor, regardless of the surface of the room. Assembly in seconds without tools.

Approved Building of High Height and Establishment Receiving from the Public.





  • Materials: Structure in two-coloured ABS, pads made of non-skid PVC
  • Dimensions 42 cm x 32 cm
  • Recommended for IGH et ERP
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Consommation indisponible


Dimensions indisponibles

SAP no. Colour Inclinaisons Dimensions cm Hypo-allergenic Non skid Nt weight Warranty EAN code EA by box
100340820 Black 10°, 15°, 20° 42 x 32 No Yes 0,65 Kg 10 years 3595560009817 1

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