Disc diffuses a powerful energy-efficient and quality lighting. Fits any kind of office.”


… and lasting

Disc is equipped with the latest generation of LED, very efficient: 590 lumens, luminous efficacy of 107 lm/w, for a lifetime of 40 years.

With a very low energy-consumption, Disc allows to save up to 80% on the power cost, and its environmental impact is low.


Ergonomics and well-being

The Disc lamp provides an optimal lighting:

  • + than 500 Lux on the work surface
  • Asymmetrical: avoids glare situations and limits contrasts
  • A colour temperature called warm: 2900 K
  • A good colour rendering : IRC > 83


Very nice clean lines, with a smart symmetry between  head and base. Disc can suit any environment, modern or classical



  • LED  built-in:  rated power: 5,5 W
  • Lifetime 40 000h
  • Switch ON/OFF on the head
  • Removable on plug
  • Materials: ABS and recyclable aluminium
  • Power cable 1,9 m
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Consommation DISC


Dimensions DISC
SAP no. Colour Energy consumption KW/1000h Lm Lm/W Colour T° CRI Source's lifetime Warranty Net weight EAN code
100340421 Black/Metal grey 7 590 107 2900k 83 40000h 2 years 1,59 Kg 3595560014859

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