Universal design lamp : it’s real wood finish confers to your world a reassuring and quality stamp.


New generation halogen

DOMINO is equipied with a new generation of electronic transformer enabling 30% energy saving compared to basic halogen sources.


Comfort and weel being

DOMINO diffuses warm light, very nice and safe for eyes. The asymmetric lighting neutralise glare and limit contrasts, avoiding tiredness and headhaches. DOMINO has a touch operated switch on the base enabling diffusion of the double outpout, 70% to 100% lighting according to consumer needs. Anti-UV glass cover.


wood finishes

A young and pure line with harmonious proportions and it’s different wood finish make DOMINO a key model thant will fit perfectly to every office. Tilting arm and head. No screws visible.



  • Halogen bulb GY6.35 35W(supplied)
  • Lifetime 4000h
  • Double outpout on the base: 70% and 100% lighting intensity
  • Matérials: ABS, BPT heat-resistant, aluminium et solid wood
  • Power cable 1,9 m
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Consommation DOMINO


Dimensions DOMINO
SAP no. Colour Energy consumption KW/1000 h Lm Lm/W Colour T° CRI Source's lifetime Warranty Net weight EAN code
100340184 Balck cherry wood 35W 900 26 2900K 100 4000h 2 years 1.67 Kg 3595560002689

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