“Ergolight, a lamp that combines optimization of the space, visual ergonomics and smart options.”


Ergolight has been specially designed for optimizing the work space wherever you are, in the office or at home ; the lamp is placed behind the computer screen, allowing to save much space on the desk.

Its numerous adjusting possibilities: in height, in depth, and its head swivelling in all directions, enable you to put it at the very right place whatever the size of the screen may be.


Neither glare nor dazzle

The LED of Ergolight are fitted with lenses allowing to direct the luminous flux and to bring it onto the work surface with no glare on the screen, no dazzling, and reduced contrasts.


+ economical and + safe

Ergolight is equipped with all options, and particularly a motion detector allowing to avoid any useless energy consumption: the lamp switches off automatically after 15 minutes if no movement is detected.



  • LED  built-in:  rated power 5,6 W
  • Lifetime 40 000h
  • Dimming of the light intensity under the head and memorization of the adjustment
  • Removable on plug
  • Materials: top part of the head in recyclable aluminium. Arm in recyclable aluminium and ABS, Base in ABS.
  • Power cable 1,9 m
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Consommation ERGOLIGHT


Dimensions ERGOLIGHT
SAP no. Colour Energy consumption KW/1000h Lm Lm/W Colour T° CRI Source's lifetime Warranty Net weight EAN code
100340991 Black 7 520 93 3000K >80 40000h 2 years 2,4 Kg 3595560021062

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