FIL Magnetic coat peg

Magnetic FIL. Supports up to 12kg and is king to clothes. UNAVOIDABLE!”


Installed in few seconds

Magnetic FIL coat peg adhering to any metal surface (wall, wardrobe,…) thanks to their ferronickel magnet and do not requires any drilling: shifting at will.


Protective coat peg

FIL coat pegs are double, robust and very aesthetic. Their rounded shape was designed to respect clothes it carries.

0 deformation ! Timeless and universal lines.

To be chosen between 3 sizes and 5 colours.


Optimum lift

Conception in ABS frame and shiny Cicolac enable this product to support up to 12kg. Magnet provided with an anti-skid cover protecting the metal surface.






  • Materials : Cicolac and ABS
  • Maxi fit : 12 Kg
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Consommation indisponible


Dimensions indisponibles

SAP no. Colours Dimensions cm Maxi fit Warranty Net weight EAN code EA by box
100340762 Black L8 x H10 12 Kg 2 years 260 g 3595560004430 1
100340769 Grey L8 x H10 12 Kg 2 years 260 g 3595560009671 1
100340767 White L8 x H10 12 Kg 2 years 260 g 3595560004461 1
400095454 Blue L8 x H10 12 Kg 2 years 260 g 3595560025671 1
400095455 Green L8 x H10 12 Kg 2 years 260 g 3595560025701 1

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