Folia, an eco-designed lamp that has little impact on the environment and lights up perfectly.”


Low impact during its whole life cycle:

  • At the stages of development and end of life:

Folia is made of recyclable aluminium (arm and upper part of the head) and plastic parts (bottom part of the head and base) made of more than 80% recycled materials.

  • At the stage of use:

Very low energy consumption because it is fitted with LED having a lifetime of 40 years.


Technology and ergonomics

Folia is fitted with a lot of options of the latest technology, making the use of the lamp easier and enabling anybody to adjust the lighting according to their needs.

It diffuses a light called warm and asymmetrical for an ideal visual comfort.


Gracious and ethereal

Its gracious and ethereal lines give the lamp a great charm. It brings a touch of lightness on the desk.



  • LED  built-in: rated power 5,6 W
  • Lifetime 40 000h
  • Dimmer tactile switch and memorization of the intensity adjustment
  • Removable on plug
  • Materials: arm and upper part of the head: recyclable aluminium, base and bottom part of the head: recycled non fossile materials
  • Power cable 1,9 m
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Consommation FOLIA


Dimensions FOLIA
SAP no. Colours Energy consumption KW/1000h Lm Lm/W Colour T° CRI Source's lifetime Warranty Net weight EAN code
400020346 Black 7 520 93 3000K >80 40000h 2 years 1,42 Kg 3595560002856
100340438 White/metal grey 7 520 93 3000K >80 40000h 2 years 1,42 Kg 3595560016174

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