“Illusio , an irresistible lamp that combines design, high-performance and functionality .”


Nice and functional

The « trompe-l’œil » effect of the cable that gets out of the head and seems to run in parallel alongside the arm give the Illusio lamp a trendy look that everyones likes immediately.

The lamp is turned on and off very easily thanks to the tactile dimmer-switch located under the head. The moving fluidity enables to adjust the lamp easily according to your needs.


The most powerful in the range of LED lamps, Illusio is equipped with powerful LED that
light a lot: 630 Lumens, consume very little and last 40 years.

For an optimal visual comfort, Illusio is fitted with a diffuser enabling an asymmetrical lighting: increased lit up surface, glares and contrasts – responsible for headaches – reduced.


Fitted with all options:

Tactile switch with dimming of light intensity Memorization of intensity adjustment

Automatic switch-off after 5 hours without use: money-savings and safety



  • LED built-in:  rated power  6,5 W
  • Lifetime 40 000h
  • Dimming of the light intensity under the head and memorization of the intensity adjustment
  • Removable on plug
  • Materials: ABS, heat resistant PBT and recyclable aluminium, epoxy coating
  • Power cable 1,9 m
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Consommation ILLUSIO


Dimensions ILLUSIO
SAP no. Colour Energy consumption KW/1000h Lm Lm/W Colour T° CRI Source's lifetime Warranty Net weight EAN code
400036264 Black 6,5 630 100 3100K 90 40000h 2 years 1,9 Kg 3595560006519

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