“A seat that moves the whole body, increases the productivity and well-being of the user!.”


Fight against a sedentary lifestyle

Following many studies, the sitting position will increase the risk of having heart problems while reducing the life expectancy of 7 years. Indeed, the human body is designed to “move”, not, to stay almost motionless for 9 hours a day. Ultimately, this position disrupts the entire body (less oxygenated) which causes an increase in fat cells causing a potential overweight.


Ergonomic and comfortable

Its curved foot promotes a dynamic posture and provides great freedom of movement to adopt the correct posture without hindering movement. The MOOVE seat is ideal to avoid back, lumbar and muscle pain (shoulders, arms, back). Thanks to a perfect alignment of the spine, the whole body “benefits”. Indeed, the weight on the basin is reduced, the airways are “open”, the cladding is stressed and the blood circulation is much more fluid. In the end, it is proven that sitting / standing stools have a positive impact on productivity, creativity and overall concentration.

We burn 3 times more calories while standing (without walking) than sitting behind our desk.


The MOOVE seat has a large clearance and can be adjusted in height from 63 cm to 89 cm thanks to its high quality gas cylinder, guarantees 15,000 manipulations

supports up to 150Kg


  • 3 adjustable handles
  • Adjusted to 63 cm from 89 cm
  • Materials : metal tube, ABS and rubber foot and assis en tissues seat
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Consommation indisponible


Dimensions MOOVE
SAP no. Colour Dimensions cm Warranty Net weight EAN code
400110242 Black 63 cm x 63 cm 2 years 10.2Kg 3595560028092

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