Suitable for indoor and outdoor.


Radio-controlled clock

Approximative clocks are over now : With OUTDOOR, time is automatically and steadily updated through radio signals from the atomic clock of Mainflingen.

High accuracy: maximum discrepancy of 1 second over 1 million years.


Waterproof and silent

With its large diameter, OUTDOOR can be read from far away: It’s the ideal clock for large inside and outside space ( even raining   waterproof function).

And more the silent movement increase the concentration at the office.

Readable from up to  100 meters!






  • Outline: aluminium
  • Cover: glass
  • Diameter : 35,5 cm
  • average consumption : 0,22 mA
  • Battery (supplied)
  • Warning! Radio-controlled clocks cannot work in buildings with metallic structures
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Consommation indisponible


Dimensions indisponibles

SAP no. Colour Dimensions Battery supplied second hand Radio-controlled Readability Warranty Net weight EAN code
400094566 Metal grey Ø 35,5 cm 1 x AA 1,5 V Yes Yes 100 m 2 years 1,35 Kg 3595560025053

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