• Innovative and ergonomic: the first cylindrical foot rest inspired by the massaging roller. Its smooth part is ideal for improving your blood circulation and its multi-dimensional textured surface will allow you to benefit from the benefits of “reflexology”.
  • Reflexology: it is a therapeutic method that relieves the body by the foot. It uses the body’s natural self-healing process. The foot is a miniature representation of the human body where each zone corresponds to an organ or a part of the human body.
  • Comfort and well-being: allows a deep massage of the muscles thanks to the weight of the body. Its resistant, comfortable and structured EVA foam allows a deep and intense massage, a muscular relaxation.
  • Health benefits: improves your balance and posture for long-term relief. He reduces muscle pain and tension underfoot.
  • Easy to use: this new generation foot rest uses without shoes and encourages the user to reduce sedentary work by making it more dynamic. With movement back and forth with your feet, you’ll be more productive, less tired and less stressed.
  • Design “massage roller”: its cylindrical shape has two surfaces, one smooth firm and resistant and the other with a pimpled relief distributed along each side of its length giving the impression of feeling fingers during the massage.
  • Reliable and durable: Designed to withstand intensive use, EVA foam is highly resistant, it will not sag under pressure.







  • Supports a weight up to 120 Kg
  • Dimensions: width: 44 cm / diameter: 14 cm
  • Clean easily with a damp cloth and soap
  • Materials: EVA foam / PVC plastic tips
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SAP no. Colour Dimensions cm Net weight Warranty EAN code
400125220 Black 45 x 14 1,30 kg 2 years 3595560029914

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