A new generation of  footrest sit down/standup.

Intuitive and ergonomic

long periods of time, our bodies begin to hurt. To counteract the effects of sedentary it is recommended that office workers alternate sit-stand positions, while working, adopt the UPDOWN, the first seat-standing foot rest. It is simple to use and almost everywhere / simply place it under your feet-that’s it!

In the sitting position, the free tilting of the footrest from the front to the rear allows the angles of articulations of the lower limbs to be in a comfort position, relaxes the entire lower part of the body while ensuring optimal blood circulation. In the upright position, the UPDOW has been specially designed to help you stand upright and take a healthy posture in a fully automatic and natural way. Each slight movement of your feet is accompanied by this foot rest. The muscles participate and re-balance your body. Each of these movements increases your muscle tone, reduces muscle tension and increases your circulatory function.

Put yourself there and you’ll just feel better with UPDOWN.






  • Materials : structure: Polypropylène et foot: silicone
  • Dimensions 45 cm x 30 cm
  • Recommended to use with ERGODESK
  • Recommended by the Industrial Medicine
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Consommation indisponible


Dimensions indisponibles

SAP no. Colour Dimensions cm Net weight Warranty EAN code
400095456 Black 45 x 30 x 8 0,75 Kg 10 years 3595560012794

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