Ergonomic offices: fight against a sedentary lifestyle!

Our ergonomic offices are designed to ensure worker safety and promote comfort efficiently. Thanks to a multitude of adjustments, the worker is able to maintain an upright posture in order to reduce the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and back pain.  

How to choose an ergonomic desk?  

Nowadays, working in a static position, sitting or standing, for prolonged periods and without moving is strongly discouraged. The solution ? Alternate standing and sitting positions, which allows you to adopt a dynamic posture for better comfort and more efficiency at the workstation. With this in mind, the height-adjustable workstation bases have a sit-stand functionality which allows the user to adapt their ergonomic desk to their body shape and tasks: men and women, tall and short, require solutions different. A desk that is too low can cause, for example, lower back pain , and a desk that is too high can cause neck and shoulder pain. Here are the main features available on an electric sit/stand desk  

  • Manual height adjustment: this way, you can sit comfortably with your elbows on the work surface, and you will not need to bend over, to type on the computer for example. This will allow you to keep your back straight . It is essential that the table is adjustable in height to adapt to the stature of the person using it.  


  • Programmable keys: These keys will allow you to memorize different heights of your work surface and modulate your position by moving quickly and effortlessly from one posture to another (sitting with an armchair, sitting/standing with a dynamic stool or fully standing ).  



  • Motorization: favor bases with two motors (one in each leg). This allows you to obtain a better lifting speed, a better horizontality of the work surface and to support more weight.  


  • Anti-collision alarm: This feature, which prevents any object or body part from colliding with the work surface, allows you to work in complete safety.  


  • Timer: This option allows you to define the time between each static (immobile) phase and dynamic (mobile) phase to allow the different muscles to be irrigated and supplied.  

Moving from a sitting position to a standing position also promotes teamwork and gives a new point of view of its use: both a work surface and a meeting table for example.  


Ergonomic sit-stand desk: Why choose our ERGO WELL desk?  

This ergonomic electric desk will allow you to change position during your working day to prevent a sedentary lifestyle and improve your productivity. This new generation of desks will help you reduce back and muscle pain while reducing fatigue and stress. With these two motors, the electric desk allows the work surface to be raised and lowered quickly, silently and effortlessly thanks to its touch controls (lifting speed: 38 mm per second). In addition, for greater comfort, it is possible to program 3 settings from 62cm to 128cm.  

Ergonomic office furniture  

Discover our complementary range of seats, accessories and ergonomic furniture in addition to the sit/stand desk to effectively prevent back pain  

  • MOOVE dynamic seating:  

Health professionals like Frédéric Dutheil, recognized specialist in sedentary lifestyle, director of the Center for Occupational Pathologies at Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital, alert us to the evolution of our lifestyles. A sedentary lifestyle and reduced physical activity now pose risks to our health. But what is a sedentary lifestyle?  

Generally speaking, this involves staying more and more in the same place and limiting your movements. However, it is the leading cause of avoidable mortality, ahead of tobacco in OECD countries.  

Following numerous studies, sitting will increase the risk of having heart problems while reducing life expectancy by 7 years. Indeed, the human body is designed to “move”, and not to remain almost motionless for almost 8 hours a day sitting on a chair behind a desk. Ultimately, this position disrupts the entire body (less well oxygenated) which leads to an increase in fat cells causing potential excess weight.  

Sit/stand stools with a curved base are ideal for preventing back, lumbar and muscular pain in the shoulders, arms and back). Thanks to perfect alignment of the spine, the whole body “benefits”. In fact, the weight on the pelvis is reduced, the airways are “open”, the cladding is stressed and blood circulation is much smoother.  

Ultimately, sit/stand stools are proven to have a positive impact on productivity, creativity and general concentration.  

  • ERGO ONE and ERGO TWIN single and double screen arm support:  

These ergonomic arms, easy to use thanks to their gas springs, improve your posture and relieve your lumbar and cervical vertebrae by adjusting the screen to a distance, height and angles according to your needs. Additionally equipped with two USB 3.0 ports, the use of these multidirectional screen support arms will declutter your workspace and energize your work by promoting collaborative work.  


  • ERGO STATION ergonomic gantry:  

This equipment is equipped with an easy-to-use screen arm support module, which adjusts effortlessly (360° rotation, swivel and tilt) thanks to its gas cylinder. With ERGO STATION, you improve your posture by adjusting the screen to a height, angle and distance to relieve your cervical lumbar vertebrae. In addition, ERGO STATION is a creative and unique solution that optimizes the use of space while creating additional storage spaces that will free up space at your workstation and enhance your sense of organization. processing your daily tasks (paper filing, etc.).  

  • ERGO DESK2 sit/stand station:  

The ERGO DESK 2 sit/stand station encourages office workers to work actively rather than sitting without moving for hours on end, thereby limiting:  

  • Blood pressure problems  
  • Back compression  
  • Poor blood circulation  

Thanks to its ergonomic handle and gas spring, you can easily adjust the height of the ERGO DESK 2 to your body shape. This workstation allows you to safely go from sitting to standing in seconds. This will allow you to burn more calories throughout the day, but also feel LESS TIRED AND MORE FOCUSED because sitting slows down your metabolism.  

How to improve your posture?  

Discover the 5 good reasons to alternate your sitting-standing position when working  

  • Increase your concentration  

Appropriate alternation between working standing and sitting improves the body's blood circulation and a more oxygenated brain. Your brains are thus able to function optimally, resulting, among other things, in an increased level of concentration.  

  • Increase your creativity  

Research shows that when you go from sitting to standing (or preferably walking), the brain can create 2.5 times more ideas. If you want to do some creative brainstorming, make sure you alternate between sitting and standing enough, but better yet, go for a little walk. In general, we are not very active at the office and therefore have to go to the gym in the evening to get a good sweat and burn a few calories.  

  • Typing on a keyboard burns only 34 calories.  

However, when you alternate between standing and sitting, your heart pumps about 10 times more blood through your body compared to someone who is just sitting. You can burn around 145 calories with a few hours of standing work.  

  • You have more energy standing up  

In fact, by working alternately standing and sitting, we are less tempted to quickly fall asleep. This effect is particularly noticeable in the afternoon and even has a negative effect on your performance at work. Additionally, people speak differently when they are standing. By standing, call center agents can move their bodies and therefore it is easier to deal with emotions and difficult phone calls.  

  • Live longer  

Research conducted by the University of Missouri-Columbia shows that prolonged sitting, without alternating with standing, has a negative effect on a person's metabolism. So much so that people are at greater risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.  

The opinion of our UNILUX ergonomics expert  

Why choose an ergonomic sit-stand desk ? All of our experts agree on this point: working only sitting or only standing is a real inconvenience. However, we welcome the combination of the two. The prerequisite is that the furniture is suitable for sitting and standing work, and that employees are trained to work standing up in an appropriate manner.  


Change of posture: what tasks are performed sitting or standing?  

In addition to having an ergonomic desk, we suggest changing your posture every 20 minutes, encouraging movement and changes in posture throughout the day.  


  •  Processing important documents  
  • Preparation of reports  
  • Paper-based tasks  
  • Strategic Recommendations  
  • Missions that require concentration  


  •  Email processing  
  • Online research/work  
  • Proofreading work  
  • Creative works  
  • Make and receive phone calls  
  • Promote collaborative work