ERGO TOP laptop holder metal grey

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Functional and ergonomic, optimize your visual comfort and reduce eye fatigue with the ERGO TOP laptop stand. Rotatable and adjustable in height and inclination to work in better conditions and maintain a healthy body posture. In addition, it is foldable for easy storage and transport.
Référence : 400153725
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  • Adjustable: Tiltable from 0° to 55° and freely adjustable in height as required. For those who need to work several hours a day with a laptop in front of the desk, it reduces neck and spine fatigue and relieves back pain and tired eyes by improving sitting position and vision height.
  • Collaborative: allows you to comfortably rotate the laptop horizontally and keep it in the desired direction. If you’re watching a presentation or communicating with colleagues, you can quickly rotate the screen without having to move your laptop frequently to facilitate collaborative work.
  • Quality finishes: This laptop stand is made of aluminum alloy with well polished surfaces and soft rubber pads, which protect your devices from scratches or slips.
  • User-friendly: no installation required. Lightweight and foldable, this product is easy to carry. It can fit all laptops and tablets from 10" to 17". Thanks to the aluminum alloy material and surface oxidation treatment, the product is very durable and supports a weight of 3 kg without deformation
  • Heat dissipation: 100% aluminum alloy material can absorb and dissipate heat easily. The open design provides better ventilation and airflow to cool your computer during operation than if it were simply laid flat on the table.
  • Material: aluminum/ anti skid pants PVC skates.
Color : silver metallic

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