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Health and well-being at work are two concepts at the heart of companies’ growing expectations.
Light affects our physical and mental abilities. However, only 34% of offices reach the lighting level of 500 lux on the work surface prescribed by Occupational Medicine according to standard NF EN 12464-1. We are regularly subjected to constant artificial lighting in the office which does not take into account our biological rhythm. Poor lighting quality is one of the sources of discomfort cited by employees which can lead to:

• Decreased visual comfort

• Headaches and loss of concentration

• Decreased productivity

• Sleeping troubles

• Circadian cycle disruptions

How to light your workspace?

The individual auxiliary lamp is an important element in improving visual comfort.
A few simple rules to take full advantage of its effects:

• Position the head of the lamp at least 35 cm above the work surface

• Place the lamp on the side opposite the writing hand

• Position the lamp so as to facilitate its adjustment and thus bring the light to the right place

• Avoid reflections on shiny surfaces

• Limit direct glare from a bright light in the field of vision and indirect glare due to the reflection of light on a work surface, on walls, etc.

Discover our wide range of 100% LED lamps

Lighting therefore plays a crucial role in productivity and well-being. It is therefore important to choose your lamp carefully according to your needs and expectations, whether they are functional, professional or above all biological.

ERGONOMIC LAMPS with asymmetric lighting

UNILUX know-how, asymmetrical lighting avoids creating reflections in the screens, considerably increases the illuminated area and limits contrast. In fact, compared to the vast majority of lamps on the market with standard so-called “symmetrical” lighting, asymmetrical lighting diffuses light with a greater amplitude starting from the verticality of the light source towards the edge of your desk. As the contrast zones are less strong, the pupil contracts less often, which reduces eye fatigue and provides real visual comfort.

ARCHITECT LAMPS with double arms

These lamps allow you to adjust the light where you want thanks to the large amplitude and flexibility of the double arm that pivots 360° on the base.
This will allow you to direct the light flow where you want, thus providing excellent diffusion of light on your desk. These lamps help take care of your eyes.

FOLDABLE LAMPS to save space on your desk

Nowadays, many companies face a space problem in their workspaces and many of their employees lack space on their desks. Thanks to its creative approach to optimizing work space, UNILUX offers a wide range of foldable lamps which will take up a minimum of space on your desk and which can be stored in any storage space (drawer, bag, shelf, etc.) once turned off.


Battery-powered lights plug into any USB port and store the energy they'll need for several
lighting hours. As reliable as a traditional lamp, the rechargeable lamp restores the sufficient quantity of light to your workstation. Compact, it is ideal for following you on all your trips (train, plane, hotel, etc.).

LAMPS WITH LAMPSHADE to add a decorative touch

Our wide range of lampshades with careful finishes and quality materials, such as FSC-certified wood or brushed aluminum, will bring a decorative and warm touch to your work environment and at home. They will create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation in your rest rooms thanks to their lighting reflected indirectly by the lampshade. They thus offer a soft and soothing light.

The benefits of light

By providing the right quality of light at the right time of day, you will:

• Reduce disruptions to the circadian rhythm.
• Limit the risks of insomnia, irritability and mood disorders.
• Reduce lack of concentration.
• Strengthen alertness and memory.
• Increase intellectual performance.
• Regulate the production of melatonin.


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