Unilux is a responsible and committed brand.
Our products aim to improve the well-being of everyone to make your workspaceharmonious and friendly, in line with your expectations and those of your colleagues.Our desire is to preserve our planet for the generations of today and tomorrow.


Through this innovative approach, UNILUX wishes to reconcile the needs of the user,technical feasibility and profitability while integrating respect for the environment. The objective is to constantly use the same raw materials and generate as less waste as possible.Thus our products will have a “circular” life and will be renewable,recyclable and sustainable.

Our design & eco-designed ranges

With this collective awareness UNILUX created in 2018, the first wood-based collection from eco-managed forests with lamps, coat racks and clocks.Since then, UNILUX has been innovating products by using natural and recycled materials to create environmental-friendlyranges.As a player in the lighting and office accessories sector,we energetically reduce the environmental impact of our products by:

• Repairability

• Durability

• Energy efficiency

• Recycling and end-of-life management

• The origin of raw materials

Our objective is to favor natural or recycled materials

Each material has its own properties. When choosing a material, we look for the best compromise between performance, durability and recyclability. We take care to select the best materials to provide you with high quality, durable products and a unique and refined design.

SCANDINÄV range: the combination of solid wood and white

Wood is a material with many advantages.

Natural and ecological, it is durable, efficient and effective. Many companies use it for its sustainability and nobility. It give a lively and unique appearance. The wood we use comes from forests managed in an eco-responsible manner.

BALIWEÏ range: the harmony of natural bamboo and black

Bamboo, known as green steel, is frequently used for its resistance and abundance. It is a material that can absorb more CO2 than trees and also releases more oxygen. Bamboo products embody a natural and warm character.

IMPACT range: PET for sound comfort

Every year 1.5 million animals are killed by plastic in the oceans. Plastic bottles are crushed and transformed into fibers to create PET panels. Made from 50% recycled PET, our PET also has an excellent sound absorption coefficient to reduce noise pollution, the primary source of stress cited by employees in offices and especially open spaces.

Our certifications

UNILUX is committed to an eco-responsibility approach and strives to reduce its carbon footprint. Indeed, the entire UNILUX team is mobilized on environmental issues. Sustainable development is at the heart of our strategy and the certifications we have demonstrate our desire for commitment.


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