UNILUX is composed of a creative and agile team which allows it to innovate and renew itself to contribute to the well-being of its users and adapt to new behaviors at work: Flex office, Hybrid Working, Coworking Space etc. 

UNILUX has professional and experienced designers who develop simple, sober and harmonious products. The challenge is to adapt to current workspaces by reconciling aesthetics, ergonomics and eco-design. 

A dynamic and responsive team


We value our brand, our team and our partner, as well as the relationships with our distributors and users. We listen to everyone in order to constantly create new products and services. We strive to support our customers with their health and their well-being. 


Innovation is at the heart of Unilux’s DNA. Our desire for permanent innovation is inspired by a “design thinking” approach and knowledge of consumer needs and working methods. 


We communicate complex concepts in a clear and accessible way for everyone with complete transparency. This sincerity is present in each product from its creation to its marketing and development in order to meet the needs of our customers and the requirements of our brands. 


UNILUX is part of a sustainable and responsible approach by respecting an ethical, ecological and societal charter. UNILUX has set itself the objective of reducing its carbon footprint by 15% in 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.


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