Working in a static posture for long hours is unnatural, therefore do not hesitate to vary your sitting position. Even a well-designed workstation according to the principles of ergonomics at work will not be enough to prevent Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD)if you sit all dayfor 7 hours in front of a computer screen.

Fight against a sedentary lifestyle

Sitting will increase the risk of having heart problems while reducing life expectancy of 7 years. Indeed, the human body is made to “move”, and not to stay still for 8 hours a day.

Discover our range of dynamic seats

Our range of dynamic seats has been specially designed to relieve your back pain by encouraging the opening of your pelvis to 110°, which repositions your spine in a natural posture. It allows you to improve your muscle tone.

ERGOBOOST: the designer stool

It promotes a dynamic posture while stabilizing movement thanks to the innovative concept of its “diamond” tip base. This base design allows you to stabilize your position and thus adopt the correct posture without hindering your movements. Its comfortable seat and easily adjustable height (50-70 cm) make this stool the ideal daily companion to energize your work space.

MOOVE: the professional stool

It promotes a dynamic posture and provides great freedom of movement. Its triangular seat in padded foam (thickness of 8 cm) in high density fabric will provide you with optimal comfort and well-being (width 32 cm).
Its height is easily adjustable (63-89 cm) thanks to its gas piston system and its 3 easy-access adjustment handles located under the seat. In a seated or semi-standing position, be dynamic throughout your working day.

ERGO LEG: to promote a natural posture

This ergonomic stool is designed to correct posture. The comfortable, slightly inclined seat will reduce pressure on your spine, back and shoulders. This kneeling stool for the office is equipped with 9 cm thick foam supports and is covered in fabric.
It supports up to a load of 150 kg.

ERGOSPHERE: ideal for reception and relaxation areas

This 65 cm diameter ball is perfectly suited to adults measuring between 1.55 m and 1.85 m and supporting a maximum weight of 120 kg. This dynamic sitting works the balance and the deep muscles of the abdomen and back and thus fights against back pain. Equipped with a washable felt cover, ERGOSPHERE is the only one on the market equipped with a horizontal zip allowing rapid inflation but above all being able to maintain the compression of the ball so that it does not sag when you sit on it. ERGOSPHERE guarantees a healthy and ideal posture to reduce stress on the spine by avoiding static posture.


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