For UNILUX, contributing to the well-being of employees is a real mission. UNILUX
has put in place standards on an environmental, societal and professional level to integrate
the challenges of sustainable development and contribute to the good health of the planet.
Being a family business allows us to listen to the needs of our end users
and foster a long-term vision. We are establishing new standards to minimize our environmental impact at each stage of the product life cycle.
We want to help our consumers unleash their talent by offering them
products that are both innovative and sustainable.

Commitment No. 1:

Improving the energy consumption of our lighting fixtures while preserving our planet

Since 2020, all our lights are equipped with much more LED lighting
energy efficient, more environmentally friendly and also more sustainable.
To know specifically the energy consumption of each luminaire and
its technical characteristics (lumens, lux, color temperature, CRI, etc.)
all our lamps and floor lamps are checked and tested in our laboratory
complies with the latest regulations.
From 09/01/2021, a new energy performance ranking of
light sources from G to A developed by the European Commission entered
in force. Today 78% of our lighting fixtures are at least class E
(the former equivalent of A++). We aim to reach 100% by the end of 2023.

Commitment No. 2:

Reduce our environmental footprint
thanks to eco-design

In order to fight against planned obsolescence, UNILUX has decided to take
things in hand and to design easily removable lighting fixtures.
Real added value for
end users, this is one of our biggest challenges for 2023.
Being repairable starts with “removable” and that’s why
our designers and engineers work hand in hand from the design stage
to make accessible quickly and safely to all
damaged components capable of being replaced.

Commitment No. 3:

Contribute to the preservation of the planet by
controlling recyclable resources

Since the launch in 2016 of the first Scandinavian-inspired design collection, UNILUX creates a new collection each year favoring recycled or recyclable materials such as wood, bamboo, aluminum or even PET. The objective is clear: limit our ecological footprint as much as possible.

We promote products from sustainable forest management. We are extremely vigilant about the origin of the wood and cardboard that we use to manufacture and package our products.

Commitment No. 4:

Optimizing our packaging to fight against
climate change

For several years now, our teams have been designing products and packaging that are increasingly optimized in terms of dimensions and weight in order to limit our carbon footprint.

UNILUX favors internal cardboard cushioning rather than polystyrene shavings in most of our packaging. The factors taken into account are mainly water pollution and atmospheric emissions.

The objective is to minimize free space per pallet as much as possible to limit our transport.

Commitment No. 5:

Highlight the talent of our employees by
ensuring social equality

HAMELIN advocates an approach of openness and professional equality. We are convinced that diversity, kindness and tolerance constitute real pillars for developing a business. We have a responsibility towards our employees.

We encourage them to develop their skills
and talents and promote team spirit within our teams.
Furthermore, we did not wait for the law of August 4, 2014 on real equality between women and men to promote respect for women's rights and their fair representation in our family business. We aspire to fight against all forms of discrimination and any behavior that undermines the dignity of the individual.

30% of our team are responsible employees
of their sector of activity.



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