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CHRYSALIS repose pied bureau noir

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FLORA portemanteau noir

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ATTRACTION silent wall clock gray metal

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ATTRACTION is a portable clock to attach to cabinets or partitions using its power magnets. It attaches without prior installation to all metal surfaces. Very classic and discreet design. Equipped with a high precision quartz system, The second hand makes no noise.
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  • Ergonomics: thanks to its silent system, the second hand emits no noise creating a setting conducive to concentration for work.
  • Practical: this portable pendulum adheres to metal surfaces without drilling, thanks to its powerful magnets.
  • Contemporary design: its contemporary design will seduce you with its dynamic metallic gray outline and its digital date giving the date of the day. This pendulum fits all types of offices.
  • Precision: high quality Quartz system allows a reliability of a 1 sec gap in 6 years of operation.
  • Materials: ABS plastic frame/ flat mineral glass lid.

Color : silver metallic
Diameter (mm) : 220
Batterie Included : Yes
Power : 1 x AA 1,5 V
Time Indicator : Analogue
Radio controlled : No
Silent movement : Yes
Readability (m) : 22
Temperature indicator : No
Humidity indicator : No
Date indicator : No
Type of wall mounting : Magnet
Housing Material : plastic

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