ERGO FLEXY black anti-fatigue mat

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Ergonomic Design: This mat combines anti-fatigue theory with balance training. The inclined angle and varying terrain can keep your body in a different way from the activity. It can alleviate the burden and stress of standing all day, allowing you to stay longer without feeling tired.
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  • Well-being: Every slight movement of your feet is accompanied by the flexibility of this mat. Muscles participate and rebalance your body. Each of these movements increases your muscle tone, reduces muscle tension and increases your circulatory functions.
  • Reflexology: the foot is a miniature representation of the coprs where each area corresponds to an organ or part of the human body. There is a massage ball on both sides, which helps to relieve foot fatigue. Two massage areas at the back help to stretch the calf, promote blood circulation.
  • Suitable for all spaces: the cushion size is 57cm x 66cm. It provides not only a perfect space for the movement of your feet, but also a great choice for any workspace, home, kitchen, office and lab etc. Its compact size and light weight make it easy to carry.
  • Easy to use: This mat can be used with or without shoes and in a standing or sitting position on your chair.
  • High quality durable materials: this comfortable mat is made of non-slip rubber and SBR. It has good elasticity and impact resistance. The clear texture ensures that you can stand on it without slipping. In addition, the surface is made of PU, so it is easy to clean and just wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Materials: PU foam/ SBR rubber
Color : black
Mounting : Without tool
Inclination Adjustable : No
Tilt : 0
Height adjustment (cm) : 0
Heigth Adjustment Front (mm) : 0

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