FLO LED LED wall clock

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FLO is a silent LED wall clock which will also inform you of the time, date and ambient air temperature. Good readability thanks to its contrast of large white LED digital numbers 6 cm high on a black background, this clock is easily readable in large spaces such as a reception hall or meeting room.
Référence : 400124566
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  • Silent: compared to conventional clocks, this electric pendulum emits no noise harmful to the concentration and the productivity.
  • High-tech and modern design: its black square dial with aluminum contour gives information thanks to white LEDs that give it a trendy and contemporary look compatible with all styles of workspaces (lobby, meeting and office).
  • Have everything in view: Display days of the week, date and indoor temperature of -9°C to +50° C.
  • Readable day and night: thanks to a dimension of 28 cm and its contrast of large digital numerals LED blue 6 cm high on background black.
  • Smart: no need to change the battery, this LED pendulum connects directly to mains (cable = 1m 80)
  • Materials: aluminum frame/ mineral glass lid flat
Color : black
Diameter (mm) : 280
Batterie Included : No
Power : on plugged
Time Indicator : Digital
Radio controlled : No
Silent movement : Yes
Readability (m) : 30
Temperature indicator : Yes
Humidity indicator : No
Date indicator : Yes
Type of wall mounting : By screw
Housing Material : plastic

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