EXTEND portant-vestiaire noir/chrome

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FLORA portemanteau noir

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ZOOM White LED architect lamp

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ZOOM LED is the essential magnifying lamp for all activities requiring high precision: watchmaking, microelectronics, dermatology, dental prosthetics, manicure and in general any detailed work in the office or at home. Supplied with a 3 diopter lens (x1.75), without distortion on the sides.
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  • Precision: ideal for all precision work (watchmaking, micro electronics, dermatology, dental prosthesis, manicure, leisure activities). Magnification up to 1.75 (3 diopters) undistorted.
  • Flexibility: very malleable thanks to its double pivot arm with double articulation. With compensation, its head adjustable in all directions facilitates beam orientation bright
  • Optimal and bright lighting: the LED lighting of this lamp offers glare-free light, uniform and does not assault your eyes.
  • Practical: sold with its antidust.
  • ON/OFF switch: easy access on the cord.
  • Materials: ABS plastic base, arm and head/ equipped with a glass.

Color : white
Illuminance(Lux) : 2000 at 35 cm
Luminous flux (Lm) : 944
Luminous Efficiency (Lm/W) : 118
Efficiency Class : D
Brightness Adjustable : No
Color temperature in K : 6200K
Colour Rendering (CRI) : 84
Lifetime in hours (h) : 50000
Replaceable light source : LED Replacable
Bulb Included : Yes
Asymetrical lighting : No
Eye caring : No
Circadian cycle : Application not available
USB charger : No
Induction charger : No
Light sensor : No
Movement detector : No
Timer : No
Power battery (mAh) : 0
Autonomy (h) : 0
Mounting : Without tool

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