Today our world is being turned upside down by the transformation of the world of work and the invention of new practices:
Coworking, flex-office, teleworking, energy transition, circular economy, repairability…
You have inspired us for over 50 years and we imagine new products every day. Each of them
respects the principles of democratic design: form, function, quality, sustainable development.
It is by respecting these principles that UNILUX creates objects at a price accessible to all, who have
a meaning and which allow you to improve your daily life by meeting your expectations .

Discover all our eco-designed collections

UNILUX products are characterized by different designs and styles to create harmonious collections allowing the end user to evolve in an atmosphere that reflects their image while preserving the natural resources of our planet.


Choose your desk lamp wisely!

Light plays an essential role in health to improve our well-being...

Energize your work posture!

The reference posture constitutes a benchmark. Don't hesitate to vary your sitting position...

Our “MADE IN FRANCE” footrests

The footrest is an essential office accessory that improves ergonomics...

Our ergonomic offices are designed to ensure worker safety and promote comfort efficiently. Thanks to a multitude of adjustments, the worker is able to maintain an upright posture in order to reduce the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and back pain.  
  • 6 min read
Neck pain is defined by pain felt in the cervical region , from the upper back to the neck. This pain generally subsides within a few days or even weeks. Very often neck pain does not cause serious consequences.  
  • 5 min read
Since 2020 all our lighting fixtures are equipped with much more LED lighting
energy efficient, more environmentally friendly and also more sustainable.
To know specifically the energy consumption of each luminaire and
its technical characteristics (lumens, lux, color temperature, CRI, etc.)
all our lamps and floor lamps are checked and tested in our laboratory
complies with the latest regulations.
  • 3 min read


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